The RD-20 is a decontaminant of high capacity for decontamination


The RD-20 is a decontaminant of high capacity for decontamination/detoxification of chemical and biological threats, to be used on vehicles and materials.

It has a white powder consistency, with approximately an 18 % free Chlorine and is used simply by dissolving in water without need for any other additive or mixture.


The decontaminant has been developed and tested to grant the highest decontamination levels of chemicals and biological agents on materials and vehicles, meeting Norm UNE-EN 13697 Standards for “Quantitative nonporous surface test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas” (ANNEX I), clinically tested in laboratory by Micro Bios, an analysis and quality control laboratory with 35 years of experience. RD-20 solves at the same time problems from previous decontaminants based on calcium hypochlorite.

These decontaminants had a very low solubility and form precipitates on the nozzles and lances creating problems of clogging. It also avoids the lumping of the powder during storage due to the hygroscopic properties of the calcium hypochlorite, which eventually leads to rendering the product useless. The RD-20 has chlorine as active component and avoids these problems and grants an efficient decontamination against chemicals and biological threats.

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