AQUILES COMPACT Decontamination Equipment

Specific decontamination equipment for People Decontamination and Ground Decontamination

Its innovative modular design provides to First Responders and Specialist CBRN Units with a versatile decontamination solution which can be used in a large scope of Hazmat incident scenarios. Helping to Mitigate Risks and Save Lives.


AQUILES Compact provides a low-pressure output (4 bars) to carry out People decontamination in a large variety of Hazmat incident scenarios:  large casualties incidents, urban areas, critical infrastructures, open field, etc due to AQUILES Compact design to be combined with multiple decontamination accessories.

State-of-the-art decontamination solution, which integrates in the same equipment requested features to carry out both People decontamination phases: decontamination and rinsing.

.AQUILES Compact can be used as:

AQUILES Compact CBRN Decontamination Equipment is manufactured in accordance with STANAG 4653 Combined operational characteristics, technical specifications, test procedures and evaluation criteria for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear decontamination equipment.

Decontamination of People

Decontamination of people is a critical parameter in all CBRN Decon Protocols as the first priority in Hazmat incidents. So the main objective can be accomplished: Mitigate Risks and Save Lives.

AQUILES Compact Decon Equipment in combination with Modular Decon Shower or Decontamination Tent provides People Decontamination Capabilities in an effective and efficient way. In all types of Decontamination defined in STANAG 2352 CBRN Defence Equipment – Operational Guidelines:

  • Immediate Decontamination
  • Operational Decontamination
  • Thorough Decontamination
  • Clearance Decontamination

Decontamination of Ground

AQUILES Compact Decon Equipment in combination with Ground Decontamination Bar is used in Mobile Decontamination Stations to provide Ground/Terrain Decontamination Capabilities in an effective and efficient way.

Ground Decontamination Capability using AQUILES Compact Decon Equipment and Ground Decon Bar could be installed both in Trailer or Truck vehicles, as base of Mobile CBRN Decon Stations.



  • Pressure: 4 Bar
  • Flow: 4.300 liters/hour
  • Temperature: up to ambient temperature +21ºC


  • Length: 762 mm
  • Width: 610 mm
  • Height: 831 mm
  • Weight:  129 kg
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