CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber Mobile

Mobile Steam Chamber of Rapid Deployment for decontamination through Wet and Dry Steam

Provides Decontamination Capabilities to First Responders and Specialist CBRN Units for decontamination of a wide range of materials and equipment


Mobile CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber is a decontamination accessory to be used in combination with a Decontamination Equipment which provides a steam decontamination solution (Decontamination Equipment ATILA) to carry out CBRN Decontamination procedure with Dry or Wet Steam.

First Responders or Specialized CRBN Units can use Mobile CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber as an effective decontamination solution to carry out the decontamination of a wide range of materials and equipment;

  • CBRN Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Gas mask
  • Helmets
  • Weapons
  • Magazine ammunition
  • Tactical Haversack
  • etc

Decontamination of this type of materials and equipment  is usually a critical issue within CBRN Decontamination Protocols focused on Thorough and Clearance Decontamination  phases, according to CBRN Decontamination phases included in STANAG 2352 - CBRN Defense Equipment - Operational Guidelines

Innovative modular design of Mobile CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber provides rapid deployment capabilities in any type of CBRN scenario while optimizing the space required for storage and transport. Likewise,  when CBRN Steam Decontamation Chamber is used in an autonomous deployment mode (in combination with the ATILA Decontamination Equipment) and when is is integrated into Mobile CBRN Decontamination Stations.

Mobile CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber has 5 main components:

  • Collapsible frame (telescopic) made on Aluminum
  • Textile cover with door (built in one piece)
  • Internal stainless steel structure for materials and equipment location (with three trays and one  bar with hangers)
  • Steam diffuser device
  • Suction pump to collect the waste water generated in the decontamination process

Due to its outstanding rapid deployment (2 people in 5 minutes), CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber provides First Responders, Emergency Units or Specialist CBRN Units with the necessary CBRN Steam decontamination capabilities to manage any type of scenario of CBRN and Hazmat incidents.


CBRN Steam Decontamination Chamber Capacity  (volume): 2 m3

Dimensions (deployment):

  • Length:  1.085 mm
  • Width: 1.085 mm
  • Height:   2.018 mm 

Dimensions (storage and transport):

  • Length:  1.085 mm
  • Width: 1.085 mm
  • Height:   1.060 mm 

Features of Steam Solution generated by ATILA Decontamination Equipment:

  • Temperature: up to 210 ºC
  • Pressure: 18 Bar
  • Flow: 368 liters/hour

Manufacturing materials

  • External telescopic frame: Aluminio
  • Internal frame: Stainless Steel
  • Textile cover: PVC polyester 100%
  • Steam diffuser device: Stainless Steel

Suction Pump:

  • Capacity: 170 liters/hour
  • Discharge bore: 25 mm
  • Electrodes for water level detection (switching-off the pump in case of no water)
  • Motor output: 0,48 kW
  • Head max: 11 meters
  • Pump (Impeller):  Semi-Vortex impeller
  • Pump (Shaft Seal):  Double mechanical seal
  • Pump (Bearings): Shielded ball bearings
  • Motor (Insulation): Class E
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