Hispano Vema eligible for national and international competitions to curb the spread of ebola

Bacteriological decontamination teams are more popular than ever. The arrival of Ebola in Spain has made it a hot topic. When the protocol is active in a public place, the system used will Aragonese seal; the same applies to a chemical attack. The Aragonese company Hispano Vema is the only Spanish manufacturer.
Bacteriological decontamination teams are increasingly known. Ebola has made come to light. If ever the protocol must be activated in a public place, the relevant authorities shall send to the Military Emergency Unit (UME) with an endowed with large tents that will decontaminating showers system. These teams will Aragonese seal, also will be the same with a chemical attack.
The Aragonese company Hispano Vema is the only Spanish manufacturer of decontamination. "We are dedicated from the beginning to perform decontamination equipment agents or some kind of attack or accident of biological, chemical and radiological nature," said the financial director of the company, Noelia Villalba.
In fact, this company has achieved the award of a contract to supply a massive system of personal decontamination that will be used by the UME both to prevent the spread and expansion of bacteriological or chemical agents in large open spaces where many people gather.
Hispano Vema develops and manufactures equipment and systems for the professional sector, NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical), logistics field / field hospitals, water treatment, generators and shelters. Individually and complete and customized solutions taking into account the criteria for rapid deployment; all with minimal staff and maximum operability. All systems are standardized and can be transported by land, sea and air by conventional means.

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