Portable incineration system, designed for an effective elimination of solid waste and hydrocarbons


The cyclonic incinerator is a portable incineration system, intended for the disposal of solid waste (except gasoline, solvents, alcohols, water-oil mixtures or elements with a relative humidity greater than 15%).

Its operation is based on the creation of a high pressure air stream in such a way that the combustion of the elements introduced is optimized, which burn without producing practically smoke, leaving minimal ash residue.

System consists of four different stages:

  • Combustion Chamber: It is the container where the incinerable material is deposited.
  • Blow box: It has the function of blowing air from the outside of the system into the combustion chamber.
  • Chimney: It allows air to circulate, in a controlled manner, between the interior and exterior of the combustion chamber, preventing ashes or other particles from leaving the interior.
  • Removable Frame: As a loading cart, the Blow Box is attached to it. Being removable, it allows you to move away from the combustion chamber when it is in operation, to prevent high temperatures from reaching the electrical components.
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