New Decontamination Shower in

New Decontamination Shower provides to First Responders and Hazmat Response Teams with an innovative modular and mobile solution which allows a quick and flexible response for decontamination of people harmed in incidents generated by chemical, radiological or biological agents, just as is indicated in one of his last articles.

CBRN protocols about the treatment of casualties in CBRN environments requires decontamination showers to decontaminate both valid people  (who can decontaminate themselves) and disabled or wounded people (who need the assistance of interveners in order to be decontaminated).

With this objective, Hispano Vema CBRN decontamination shower presents an innovative modular and flexible system that allows configuration of decontamination lines in minutes to carry out decontamination of both types of harmed people in an efficient, proper and timely manner. Providing also adaptation to any type of scenario in which the Hazmat incident occurred.

CBRN Decontamination Shower, also known as the Hazmat shower, provides three modes of deployment: autonomous deployment (combining the shower with a decontamination equipment), integrated into Rapid Deployment decontamination systems and as part of Mass decontamination stations for people.

In summary, decontamination shower is an innovative modular and flexible solution, which provides to First Responders and Hazmat Response Teams with the CBRN capabilities required for the decontamination of people, fulfilling the four basic principles of decontamination:

  • Perform decontamination as soon as possible
  • Carry out decontamination only what is necessary
  • Deploy decontamination systems as close to contamination as possible
  • Establish priorities in the decontamination process.

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