Spanish Secretary of Defense visit to Military Emergency Unit (UME).

As indicated by the Ministry of Defense Spain on its website, on January 11, the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Agustín Conde visited the facilities of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) at the Air Base. of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

Lieutenant General Mr. Miguel Alcañiz Conde, head of UME made a presentation to the Secretary of Defense of the latest equipment and technologies acquired by the UME to increase and optimize their intervention capabilities. Highlighting the new medium and heavy vehicles of intervention (multipurpose and multipurpose vehicles) and the amphibious vehicle 8x8 "Argo".

Likewise, the Technological and Environmental Emergencies Intervention Group of the UME, made a presentation of the Intervention Vehicles in Polluted Areas (the VELIRE and the VINTAC I and II), the new Mass Personnel Decontamination Station and the Identification Laboratory. Fast (LABIR).

Personnel Mass Decontamination Station (Decontamination Tent), manufactured by Hispano Vema, provides a fundamental role in mitigating the risks of a Hazmat incident. And therefore it is an essential factor for the UME to assure best response CBRN capabilities to face an incident (attack or accident) caused by biological, radiological or chemical agents (TICs or CWAs).

CBRN decontamination protocols highlight 3 operational characteristics for Mass Decontamination Stations: Rapid Deployment, Large Decontamination Capacity and Versatility. UME´s Mass Decontamination Station fulfills these three fundamental premises for management of Hazmat and CBRNe incidents.

Rapid Deployment: its structure is based on the Hispano Vema HVI inflatable tents with high pressure inflating technology (7 Bar) and in modular rapid deployment decontamination showers.

Large decontamination capacity: decon showers integrated in Mass Station allow to apply two phases of CBRN protocols (decontamination and rinsing) in a fast and efficient way, ensuring that people affected can be decontaminated in shortest  time.

As for the versatility, innovation and modularity of Mass Decontamination Station for Personnel provides an effectively decontamination both casualties or disabled people (who can not be decontaminated by themselves) and valid people (who can be decontaminated by themselves).

In summary, UME´s  Mass Personnel Decontamination Station claims to have the appropriate CBRN capabilities for people  decontamination in a Hazmat incident with biological, chemical or radiological agents, in order to mitigate their effects and save lives.

Finally, as indicated on the website of Ministry of Defense Spain, the Secretary of Defense highlighted the great work done by the UME in all its interventions, transmitting the recognition and appreciation of the Spanish people for their abnegation and effectiveness in how many emergencies they have collaborated from its creation.

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