The defense industry could generate 200,000 million euros annually in 2020

The use of information and communications technology has been imposed on society gradually to the point that today are undisputed protagonists of our daily lives. Facilitate the development and exchange of information, but at the same time, carry serious risks and threats that may affect the safety of citizens. For this reason, cyber security has been the central axis around which rotated the fifth edition of the International Technology Homeland Security (Homsec).
This year there have been major technological programs being developed in the field of naval, land and air defense in our country and in the rest of the world, and that in the case of Spain generate around 15% of GDP , ie around 150,000 million euros.
The productive fabric of the national defense industry consists of 400 companies employing over 23,000 people directly and another 50,000 indirectly. In fact, every euro allocated to sector generates 2.6 additional euros for the whole economy. However, public spending has been declining in recent decades, especially from the beginning of the crisis. In 2008 they were invested in the defense industry 2.100 billion, but this year the budget is 564 million euros.

Among the most important news presented in Homsec are several video surveillance and recording, as well as a device 'base stations' that keeps connected together all types of aircraft.
The multinational Canon has introduced new video surveillance solutions and new products photography and professional goals, focused on the market and new binoculars national security, which make them very suitable for control zones passengers and shipments.
Another proposal is composed of the new AURALL and ALERT24 systems. The first is intended for recording critical communications and is already implemented in 112 emergency centers, air navigation, command and control centers, among others. ALERT24 is the web solution proposed Void market systems for security, industrial and collective coordination in crisis situations.
Hispano Vema equipment manufacturer and integrated decontamination systems to chemical, biological and nuclear risks, has manufactured and delivered to the Military Emergency Unit (UME) a ​​massive system of decontamination of people prepared to address contamination mass in the minimum possible and with due safety for the intervening time.
For the aviation sector, Centum has developed a base station under aeronautical standards, embarked on an aircraft (helicopter, drone or aircraft), it acts as a sensor and converts the phones under its area of ​​operation in radio beacons, allowing highlight them, identify, locate and communicate with them.

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