Mobile Watermaker, Rapid Deployment and easy-to-use operation (Plug & Play). Up to 1.000 liters of drinking water per hour. Minimum Logistic Footprint in Missions and Deployments due to its Innovative compact and integrated design.

Innovation and Sustainability: NanoFiltration technology eliminates the use of chemical products, reduces energy consumption (up to 95%) and does not generate reject water.


HYDROS sets a new standard on Sustainable Mobile Watermakers for Rapid Deployment.

Due to its innovative design: compact size, light weight, Plug&Play, energy supply alternatives and purification capacity (up to 1.000 liters per hour), HYDROS provides an ultimate solution for increasing demand of Onsite water purification in scenarios for Natural Disaster, Emergencies, Field Operations or any situation where a high an unexpected water supply is required.

Based on filtration technology, HYDROS 4-phase purification process is a chemical-free process which not only not uses chemicals but also eliminating the rejection of water and provides a significant Energy Savings

In summary,  an ultimate Sustainable solution for water purification and a lower Total Cost of Ownership.




HYDROS watermaker is based on filtration system, using Nanofiltration technology and Ultraviolet Light Sterilization.

With its 4-phase water purification process: Pre-filtration (thinning filter), Microfiltration, Sterilization by ultraviolet light, Active filtration (active carbon filter) and Nanometric filtration (ceramic filtration), obtaining drinking water in a complete range of operations.

Its water purification up to 1.000 liters per hour (without water rejection), brings an optimal capacity of drinking water supply.

Developed using Plug&Play concept, HYDROS is a quick and easy to use watermaker, without need of specialized personnel for operating or maintenance. In order to reinforce its easy-to-use design, it could be supplied alternately by 3 power sources: 

  • Solar power
  • Mains electricity (110/220 VAC)
  • Vehicle battery (12/24V)

In addition HYDROS has an inner LiFEO4 battery which provides an autonomy of 1 hour.

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