Water treatment plant by Biological waste water treatment. The result of the treatment is purified water that can be discharged without danger of contaminating the environment. Based on a container 20 'Airborne that allows its rapid deployment in any scenario of missions, emergencies or humanitarian crises.

Water treatment process is based on 2-phase Biological Waste Water Treatment


Biological Oxidation Water Treatment Plant on Container 20' is designed to reduce biodegradable organic pollutants from wastewater originated in showers, toilets, toilets, kitchens, etc. These treatment plants do not generate noise or bad smells, maximizing the performance of the treatment.

 2-Phases Total Oxidation process for Water Treatment:

  • First Phase

It takes place in the reactor compartment where, by means of a blower pump and diffusers, the wastewater is subjected to prolonged aeration, creating an aerobic medium (water with excess oxygen) where aerobic bacteria find a culture medium. When there is enough bacterial flora these bacteria are responsible for digesting the dissolved organic matter, thus achieving the biological decomposition of organic matter through oxidation.

  • Second phase,

The water pass to a second compartment of the total oxidation treatment plant, which has the mission of decanting sludge by gravity. The clean water will exit through the outlet pipe after passing through another settling carried out by means of a Thompson decanter, designed to facilitate the gravity sedimentation process of the sludge. The sludge located in the lower part of this second compartment will be sent back to the first phase (oxidation phase) by means of a recirculating pump.

The resulting water is no longer considered wastewater and can be discharged without risk to the environment or can be treated for conversion into drinking water.

The waste in the form of sludge must be purged periodically from the tank, it is done without risk since it is considered an inert material.

The treatment plant is integrated into a 20 'Airborne Container which provides a rapid deployment in any scenario of Missions, Humanitarian Crises or Emergencies, integrated either on Field Camps or Field Hospitals.

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